Ling's Oriental Martial Arts, LLC


Ling’s Oriental martial Arts provides a respectful and friendly environment for kids, adults and family to enjoy the oriental martial arts learning journey and understand the culture background, increase self-confidence and self-discipline, get the peaceful mind and build the strong body.

Dr. Ling believes all the students are equal and unique. They deserve individual attention and instruction while maintaining unified general requirements and standards. Those hard working students who attend class regularly, pay attention to and follow instructions should be awarded with honor recognitions. Their achievements in turn will be a life time benefit and reward to themselves.

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Master Chen Bing Workshop

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About our Schedule of Classes

Please see our "Classes" page for a listing of currently offered classes. There will be classes added for Kobudo, or you can call to make an appointment. This is a new schedule so we welcome requests and suggestions for scheduling other classes.

Offering classes in:

  • Yang Style Taiji
  • Chen Style Taiji
  • Taiji Push Hands
  • Taiji Qin Na
  • Taiji Sword
  • Shorinryu Shorinkan Karate
  • Kobudo (Weapons)
  • Keijutsukai Aikido

Dr. Zhichao Ling


Founder, President, and Head Master Instructor
7th Generation Yang Style Instructor 杨氏太极拳第七代传人
5th Degree Black belt in Shorinryu Karate 小林流空手道黑带五段
5th Degree Black belt in Okinawa Kobudo (Weapons) 冲绳古武道黑带五段
5th Degree Black belt in Keijutsukai Aikido 警术会合气道黑带五段

Located at 5707 Pebble Village Lane, Noblesville, Indiana 46062 - PH: 765-437-8813
At the corner of Little Chicago Road & State Road 32. Look for our sign.
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